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Where the Mask Speaks the Mind

Year: 2021
Language: English , Hindi , Bengali
Duration: 67 Min

Seraikella Chhau is unique in many ways, not the least of which is the eschewing of vocal accompaniment and the complete covering of the face with the mask. The mask is the essence of this exhilarating dance; it is the magic of this art. “Where the Mask Speaks the Mind” delves into the myriad associations of this mask. A tribute to the master mask-maker, Kanhaiyalal Maharana, this is an exploration of the meaning and structure of the mask that despite it being frozen comes to life as soon as the performer dances. His body magically seems to imbue the mask with a thousand expressions. Bucolic settings and an arresting dance set to the strains of the flute and the rustic shehnai contribute to a near inexplicable bittersweet feeling: overwhelming and subtly melancholic. It is a reminder of our glittering past and a pointer to the subtlest resonances of our art.

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