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Two Autumns in Wyszogród

Year: 2019
Language: Polish
Duration: 60 Min

In 2015, the wreckage of a Soviet army plane downed by the Nazis during World War II was excavated near Wyszogród (Poland). The plane’s origin caused a stir given Poland’s tenuous relationship with Russia and the continuing debate over its communist legacy. Was the wreckage a symbol of Poland’s war-torn past or a reminder of another nation’s domination? A town, inundated with its own memories of War. An object, mired in layers of contentious history. Over two autumns in Wyszogród, the film tries to explore these frictions of History. While a group of students from the local school also search for answers – what does History mean to them? How do they look at their town’s past? The film sifts through the residues of History and tries to glean the lessons it has left for us.

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