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Sikhirini Mwsanai (Dance of the Butterfly)

Year: 2019
Language: Bodo , Hindi , English
Duration: 65 Min

Sikhirni Mwsanai, literally, dance of the butterfly in Bodo, expresses the delicate almost fragile rhythms of traditional Bodo music and dance. The film traces the journey of “Sifung Harimu Afad” a cultural troupe of young adult Bodos as they rediscover those rhythms in their efforts to revive live music and dance performance in Chirang district, Assam. Using traditional musical instruments like the Kham, Serja and Sifung, the group attempts to foreground Bodo identity through disappearing cultural forms. The film Sikhirni Mwsanai (Dance of the Butterfly) creates a landscape of the troupe’s world by following their rehearsals for Bwisagu, the spring festival, and their journey outside the state of Assam. In a place steeped with a history of cyclic conflict and violence, the film attempts to understand the relationship between cultural forms and everyday life, and what they mean to a community.

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