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Viplove Rai Bhatia

Viplove Rai Bhati Director & Head of Office Viplove Rai Bhatia was born on 19th February, 1962 in Gurgaon now known as Gurugram (Haryana); she has completed her Master Degree in Direction and Film making from State Institute of CINEMOTOGRAPHY RUSSIA VGIK. After completion of her master degree she has worked as an Asst. Director with Shri Basu Bhattacharya in his television production. Director has also worked as an Asst. Director with Shri Shashi Kapoor in his Indo Soviet Collaboration film Ajooba. She has been working with Films Division since January, 1992 and has near about 30 documentaries and short films to her credit. Her film “The Holy Ganga” won a National Award as a best environmental film of the year 2002. Her film “Cycle of Life” on communal harmony was nominated in the Bombay International Film Festival “BIFF” in the year 1994 now known as MIFF. “Desert Development” was selected in the Tashkand film festival. Her latest film “Elephants Do Remember” has been selected

Viplove Rai Bhatia's Films

Rain Man

The film is all about how to save the rain water which falling in their […]

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