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Vijeendra Syam

“Gulp” is his second short film. His artistic fervour was ignited during his school-college days wherein he actively participated in various arts and theatre programmes and competitions. He has always had a specific inclination towards films which induced him to devotedly follow various Film festivals, thus inspiring him to work towards a piece of art that’s not only creatively satisfying but also leading to a sustainable change in the society for the better. This lead him to the making of his short film “Gulp”. Vijeendra Shyam has been fortunate enough to have worked in the production of the Oscar Award winning movie Life of Pi by Aung Lee and India’s celebrated filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s ” kadal”. He is currently working for one of the leading Malayalam channels- Mazhavil Manorama.

Vijeendra Syam's Films


“GULP” is a tale of a man who losses his original habitat, the natural nourishing […]

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