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Onkar Diwadkar

Born in 1995 in Mumbai, India. Onkar Diwadkar is a Writer, Director, Editor& Producer. He has studied Documentary Filmmaking from University Of Mumbai. He has been actively involved in Cinema since 2013. Onkar’s debut film, ‘In the land of mirage…’ was a Short Film. It explores the world of painting through the relationship between a Mentor and Protégé. This film was Officially Selected and screened in the International Competition category, at the prestigious 25th Kolkata International Film Festival & the 12th Jaipur International Film Festival recently. Onkar recently made his second short film titled ‘Still Alive’. It has different and ambitious form of cinematography. This film explores the tormenting phase of extreme emotional turmoil that Meera, the 28 year old protagonist, undergoes due to troubled relationship. Onkar is also a Professional Travel Photographer.

Onkar Diwadkar's Films

Still Alive

Meera’s world collapses after the unexpected breakup of her 5 years old relationship. Driving aimlessly […]

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