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Malay Dasgupta

Malay Dasgupta, a self-taught independent documentary filmmaker from Kolkata, studied Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. He started his film making career in 1991 with a documentary film on traditional puppet theatre of Bengal. Till date he produced and directed more than 9 documentaries on varied subjects, especially in the areas of art, culture and music. His most important documentaries include Bindhyabasini (1993), Song of My Life (2006), Land of Eighteen Tides & One Goddess (2012), Lake of Fleeting Lights (2016) etc. He also directed a number of biographical documentaries on noted Indian musicians like Manna De, Suchitra Mitra and others. His films are screened in different film festivals in India and abroad. Where the Mask Speaks the Mind is his latest documentary shot during 2019-20 at Jharkhand state of India. He is a media consultant by profession and teaches Media Science at an institute in Kolkata.

Malay Dasgupta's Films

Where the Mask Speaks the Mind

Seraikella Chhau is unique in many ways, not the least of which is the eschewing […]

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