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Komalankutty Methil

Director for short films Samvedanam (Communication), Water, The Hounded, Wrong Number, Enlightened, The Solution, Sixteen.. Seventeen, Hope, The Discarded, Kaval (The Sentinel), Shikshanam (Discipline), A stitch in time, Stairs and Black & White, Ullathukondu( Handsome, but…), Sanchalanam ( Keep walking..), Close down, Oppam ( Alongside) and Ullatakkam (Content), The mug, Count-down, Sisyphus, Akaam puram appuram, Identification Politics, Rectitude ,Roots, Lock-down, Time, Game,Migration, Quarantine and Mutual Funds Associate Director for Phalam (The fruit) and Uthanam ( Rising) and Grama veethikal (Village paths) ScScript writer for Tele films Aala( Blacksmithy), Aadhyaksharangal ( First Alphabets), Avar (stories for MT Vasudevan Nair), Discarded ( Story by Sreekrishnapuaram Krishnankutty) Script writer for Tele Serial Ammini Teacher (Story by Mundoor Krishnankutty) Script writer for short films The key, The Boomerang, Samvedanam, Akam puram appuram, Identification an

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Migration inside four walls

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